Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Journey Group?

A Journey Group is a group of 5-7 people who meet once a week online in a Zoom video meeting to share their journey of growth in relational skills, maturity, Immanuel awareness, and other skills mentioned in Thrive relational skills training and Life Model Works materials.   

What is the purpose of a Journey Group?

Journey Groups were started with the idea of mentoring people who had no other Life Model Works’ presence in their geographical area. As the idea caught on, people joined in order to have a community to practice relational skills, to have resources for their questions, to have prayer partners, or to be mentored in starting a book study or Connexus group in their home or church.

Our motto is “Traveling together through a thriving life.”  We are glad to be together, and we are putting into practice Romans 12:15 - “rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” We are learning together what life is like when we are growing in the “5 to Thrive” concepts, the FIVE crucial elements we need in order to thrive:

• A place to belong

• To both receive and give life

• Recovery from traumas-synchronize with God, others, and within ourselves

• Maturity – to be the person God created me to be for my age and stage

• Learn to know our hearts and God’s heart

Who will lead my Journey Group?

Each Journey Group is led by a person who has completed all three Tracks of Thrive training, is applying the relational skills in their own life, and is growing in Immanuel awareness.  Some Journey Group leaders are also Immanuel Prayer facilitators, spiritual directors, pastors, life coaches, or counselors.  

What will we do in my Journey Group?

Each Journey Group will follow the same format.  At the start of each week you will receive an email with a short lesson or discussion question. Your Journey Group meeting begins on Zoom with a Check In round of everyone sharing what you notice in your current emotional world. After each person checks in, we move to sharing a short appreciation story from our week.  Next, we will discuss the question or topic of the week. Following the discussion, we listen to Jesus and journal what we sense from Him. Then we read what we wrote with the group. We close our Journey Group with prayer. 

How often does a Journey Group meet?

Each group meets once a week for approximately an hour.  The Joy Jumpstart unit meets for four weeks. After completing the Joy Jumpstart, your Journey Group will start a new unit every two months. Each Journey Group unit will meet 7 times during the two month period. This schedule takes into account major holidays as well as Life Model Works and Thrive Today training weeks.

How much does being in the Journey Group cost?

A monthly subscription fee of $25 is paid to the Journey Group Leader through Paypal or check.  Each Leader donates 10% of these fees to Life Model Works or Thrive Today to support them in their mission.  If you would like personal coaching, spiritual direction, or Immanuel Prayer from your Journey Group Leader, you can talk with them individually about any charges for those services.  

How long does the Journey Group last?

The Journey Groups will continue with new units every two months, and we welcome you to stay with your Journey Group as long as you’d like. Our goal is to build secure connections and walk with you as you grow.  Notify your Journey Group leader if you decide to leave the group, or if your schedule changes so that you need to change groups.  

How do I join?

Email  Shortly after you sign up, you’ll receive an email from the Journey Groups Director letting you know if there is currently an opening. If all the groups are full, we will create a waiting list and notify you as soon as a new Journey Group opens up.  New Journey Groups are launching in January, 2018!

I have more questions! Feel free to email Amy at if you have more questions. 

Traveling together through a thriving life, 

Amy Brown Misa Garavaglia Sue Sather Michelle Yeager

The Journey Group Leader Team